Flexible Hourly, Daily, Weekly Coworking Plans

For some people, working from home is convenient and cost-efficient. No commuting. The ability to grab a snack at any time. The autonomy to run an errand at lunch time. But for others, working from home may not be 100% conducive to getting work done. The laundry beckons, the kids get off the bus and cause a ruckus… What if an employee’s home environment isn’t conducive to getting work done?

The answer could just be coworking.

Three Reasons Why Part-time Offices Work for Full-time Moms and Dads All the Time

Well, you finally did it. Stuck your neck out. Dipped your toe in the water. Got back out there. And congratulations… you landed yourself a part-time job. (Partially to get the heck out of the house, and partially because you wanted the money!) But this accountant who hired you works from his house. There’s literally no office to go to. And you certainly can’t work at home with the kids running around. Now what?

Shop Local: Put Your Business on the 203 Map

local phone number


Should you have a local phone number?

Is there clout in having a local area code? You bet. With a local area code and phone number, people know they’re supporting their community, supporting a local business and not getting routed to a call center in some far-off country. Now, more than ever, people are supporting small businesses – knowing it was the little guys were the hardest hit by COVID.