Unpopular Opinion: Working at Home Stinks!

Unpopular opinion or #unpopularopinion is a trend that we’re seeing among professionals. Sometimes it can be comical like “I hate cheese” but sometimes it’s more thought-provoking. People offering their counterpoints, or unpopular opinions on today’s workforce, the culture, the opportunities, you name it. So, here’s an unpopular opinion that we’re hearing more and more – working at home stinks

Return to Office

Return to Office
“Return to office” (or the new acronym, RTO) is a new initiative that many companies are implementing now that the pandemic is over. (Is it?) No, but it’s “the new normal” and businesses large and small are trying to figure out ways to cope. But what about those professionals whose offices closed permanently?

Back to School, Back to Work

Back to School

Back-to-school time is the most wonderful time of the year for weary parents. Sure, summer is filled with wonderful outings to the beach, lazy weekends in pajamas and backyard barbecues. But for working parents and small business owners, it can mean managing snack time in the midst of a conference call, taking away “screen time” (which results in “scream time”) and a countdown until the big yellow school bus comes to restore some peace and quiet to their home. Or home office.

Your Virtual Office: Five Things to Update

The benefits of a virtual office are many. A bona fide mailing address and telephone number to establish credibility. Mail handling and call routing to give you an extra set of hands. Privacy and protection of your home address. So, if you’ve recently made leap to a Virtual Office – or are considering doing so – here are five things you should remember to update to keep your prospective customers, partners, clients and vendors in the loop.

Flexible Hourly, Daily, Weekly Coworking Plans

For some people, working from home is convenient and cost-efficient. No commuting. The ability to grab a snack at any time. The autonomy to run an errand at lunch time. But for others, working from home may not be 100% conducive to getting work done. The laundry beckons, the kids get off the bus and cause a ruckus… What if an employee’s home environment isn’t conducive to getting work done?

The answer could just be coworking.