Get the Gang Back Together: Rent a Meeting Room by Hour or Day

Rent a Meeting Room by Hour or Day

With so many professionals working remotely these days, it can be hard for team members to stay connected – and feel connected. After a long day of emails, Slack chats, Zoom calls or Microsoft Teams meetings, remote workers are “screened out.” They just want to unplug from their laptops – and not join yet another after-hours “virtual happy hour.”

In a Funk? Tips from Connecticut’s Flexible Space Leader

January and even February started off with a bang, but now that we're digging into the first quarter, your resolutions may have worn off and you find yourself being less productive. Maybe you hit snooze one too many times in the morning and are losing an extra hour of productive time. Or maybe you sit down at your desk and are having a hard time firing up the laptop and firing off those synapses.

Private Office Space vs. Co-working

You’ve heard of co-working right? When small business owners, employees and entrepreneurs from different companies come together to work in a common office space. People who work in coworking spaces can connect and bounce ideas off of each other, much like traditional office spaces. Sales people in between calls or cities, who need a hot desk. Entrepreneurs who want to save money on overhead. Parents who have kids at home and need some peace and quiet.

Build Your Business with a Virtual, Flexible or Private Office

Sobon & Associates is committed to helping businesses like yours grow and thrive. Whether you need a classroom for staff training… whether you need an office to conduct an interview… whether you need a boardroom for a big pitch, we’re here for you. We’ve helped small-to-medium-sized businesses launch, grow, rebrand, and stay afloat during the toughest of times.

So, as you grow your business, here are three pointers from us to you. Designed to help you succeed!

Unpopular Opinion: Working at Home Stinks!

Unpopular opinion or #unpopularopinion is a trend that we’re seeing among professionals. Sometimes it can be comical like “I hate cheese” but sometimes it’s more thought-provoking. People offering their counterpoints, or unpopular opinions on today’s workforce, the culture, the opportunities, you name it. So, here’s an unpopular opinion that we’re hearing more and more – working at home stinks

Return to Office

Return to Office
“Return to office” (or the new acronym, RTO) is a new initiative that many companies are implementing now that the pandemic is over. (Is it?) No, but it’s “the new normal” and businesses large and small are trying to figure out ways to cope. But what about those professionals whose offices closed permanently?