Quiet Please! 7 Reasons to Rent an Office Space

Peace and quiet is a wonderful thing! Here are seven reasons you might not have thought of to rent an office space – weekly, hourly or monthly!

  1. Loud talkers. Since Covid, a lot of offices have been shuttered and employees are required to work from home. But what if you have a 1BR apartment and nowhere to go? Or even worse, what if your partner is a loud talker, and they’re on the phone all day? There’s only so long you can wear headphones and hope to drown them out. We’re here for you… with round-the-clock access to your office.

Top 5 Things to Look for When Renting Office Space

For decades, real estate in Connecticut has been on the rise, known for its exclusivity – and its taxes. Rents averaging $27/sqft/year weren’t unheard of for commercial properties in Hartford, and the even the surrounding areas like Waterbury, Cheshire and Wolcott were enjoying the halo effect of being near the Capitol and along the I84, I691 and I91 corridor.

Central Connecticut’s Leading Meeting and Conference Space: Getting Back to Business After Covid

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic over a year ago, businesses in Central Connecticut and the surrounding areas started to quake in their boots. Even the big guys struggled, faced with supply-chain nightmares and manufacturing shutdowns – as Connecticut seemed to slowly grind to a halt.

The city streets were ghost towns. Route 84 was empty. Taxicabs and Uber drivers roamed the streets looking for fares, and found none. Restaurants were shuttered and more and more employees worked from home. Every business looked at ways to survive – to do more with less.