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With a Virtual Office, the World is Your Office

You can be productive from anywhere – at home, at a coffee shop, on a beach in Maui. (OK, that one might be a challenge...) So, for small businesses or individuals that don’t need full-time office space, but need telephone answering, voicemail, delivery receipt and mail handling – an affordable Virtual Office space hourly, daily, monthly can be the ideal solution. Sobon & Associates offers Virtual Office packages starting at just $55/month – plus, with flexible bundles you can choose the features you need like the ability to use an actual conference room once a month. Book now!

Do I need a Virtual Office?

You only get once chance to make a first impression. If you’re meeting with investors, clients, partners or anyone you want to impress, a Virtual Office lets you professionally represent your business – without your dog barking in the background. With our standard package You’ll get everything you need to facilitate new business – a physical address in an office park, a phone number and professional phone answering and call routing services, a fax machine, and office or meeting space at your disposal for four hours a month. Or we can design a package to your specific business needs. Do you need a Virtual Office? Yes. The answer is yes. And when you sign up now, you’ll get the first month free!

Professional Telephone Answering

Never miss a call again! Our professional receptionist (yes, an actual human!) will answer your calls with your business name. The calls can then be routed to your voicemail or to your mobile phone. This type of flexibility allows you to decide how and when the call should be answered – or sent to voice mail.

Voice Processing System

Our Voice Processing System offers many important and convenient features such as a 24-hour-a-day, year-round message center with call processing. Our system has the capability to notify users of incoming messages and/or to call forward incoming callers. It is easy to use; and as simple as pushing a button!

Professional Brick-and-Mortar Mailing Address

P.O. Boxes can seem “fly by night.” Some businesses need the credibility and authenticity of an actual physical mailing address. With a Sobon & Associates Virtual Office, you will have a mailing address that can be printed on letterhead, business cards and return envelopes – plus you can use it when applying for lines of credit or vendor agreements. When you receive mail, our staff will keep it safely for you – and notify you by email that you have something waiting. And if you’re a company that receives faxes, you’ll also get a bona fide fax number that you can send all incoming faxes to. Our staff will notify you by email when they come in.

I did not know that Virtual Office has Four Hours of Conf. Rm / office?

Office & Conference Room Facilities
With our standard Virtual Office, you get four hours of use of a fully furnished office or one of our executive conference rooms. Plan your meetings and get ready to wow your clients with our professional office space. Don’t forget – upon arrival, your guests will be welcomed to “your” office and guided to “your” Board/Conference/Meeting room.

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