Classwork? Work-Work? Sobon & Associates, LLC Got You Covered.

Office, Meeting and Conference Space

With so many professionals working from home these days, it’s no wonder that professional development opportunities are skyrocketing. Webinars. Online courses. Virtual Coaches. You name it. About every skill you can think of – from interior decorating to Reiki to financial coaching – can be taught and learned online. But what happens when you need more space or simply can’t focus?

Many of us who work from home are getting tired of the same four walls. We’re raising our hands to all sorts of online betterment (we’re looking at you LinkedIn Learning!) Yet, we’re just as easily distracted from these enrichments as we are during the workday. The dog needs to be fed. The kids need to be fed. The Amazon delivery person needs your signature. The kids need your signature. (Again.) If you’re on the road to personal improvement but find yourself zoning out while listening to the assigned podcast – a change of scenery might be in order.

Renting an office space in a professional setting can re-energize you and help re-focus on goals and assignments. By carving out a space where you can go – just for this purpose – you’ll make it a priority, and have the quiet, distraction-free to get your assignments done.

Works for Work Assignments, Too

If you have a big presentation coming up... if you’ve been working on a new business pitch… if you’re launching a new product…or giving your Webinar the peace and quiet of a professional office might help you achieve your goals and quiet your nerves. Getting out of your usual space and being around like-minded people can boost your productivity and help you log the hours you need. You won’t be tempted to turn on the TV or just go for a quick run… you’ll be surrounded by other professionals who are serious about their work and want a place where they can focus on output.

Do either of these sound like you? Whether you’re working on yourself or working on a high-profile project, an office with a desk and a door can help you succeed. Ask Sobon & Associates, LLC about hourly, daily, and weekly rates – and get ready to put your nose to the grindstone!

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