Could You Use a Part-time Office?

Ever see a sales person in their car in a parking lot, trying to balance their laptop against the steering wheel and squeeze in some work? That’s no way to be productive.

A shared office space – or a part-time office – is a cost-effective, turnkey way to have your own space at a fraction of the cost. Coworking at “hot desks” allows professionals from all sectors to reserve a desk, an office or even a conference room without laying out vast quantities of cash. This arrangement is perfect for anyone who needs a quiet, professional environment, but doesn’t want to enter into a rental agreement or lease and all the associated expenses.

Who are shared office spaces good for?

Drop-in guests
Vendors, clients and out-of-town visitors who need a place to camp for an hour or a day to get some work done between meetings.

Startups and small business owners
People who have been running their business from their home, and now need a professional space to hold meetings, meet with partners and conduct interviews.

Traveling salespeople
Travelers who have already checked out of their hotel, but need a place where they can work, make calls and eat some takeout before heading to the airport.

Return to office (when there is none!)
Professionals whose offices have altogether closed during Covid-19 and no longer have an office. Sure, you can work from home, but sometimes you just want a different window to look out of while hammering away at the keyboard.

Part-time workers
For those who have landed a part-time gig, or are starting their own gig – a flexible office space can be the key to being big-time productive at your part-time job.

Sobon & Associates offers structured, well-maintained office space for collaboration with other professionals – or peace and quiet to get the work done. Contact us today for desks, offices and conference rooms available on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.