Desk Dweller Beware: Top 5 Tips for Desk Dwellers

If you work at a desk all day, you’re in danger. Danger to your health, that is.

People who work desk jobs – the regular 9-to-5 grind – can be sitting for up to 12 hours each day. This means your muscles aren’t moving, your blood isn’t pumping rigorously as it would be if you were stocking shelves, or delivering mail. And now that many professionals are working from home, they’re not even getting up from their desks to attend a meeting in a conference room. Or climbing stairs to the office from the parking lot or from the subway. Not even walking down to the cafeteria to grab lunch. Nope, we’re just bouncing from Zoom call to Zoom call… and occasionally shuffling to the kitchen to grab coffee, or yesterday’s leftovers.

Being sedentary all day can cause circulation problems. Back and neck problems. And can even negatively affect your metabolism. Some research has even shown that desk jobs that involve sitting all day can even lead to high cholesterol and various other metabolic conditions.

Here are five tips to help lead a healthier lifestyle – while being productive at your desk job:

  1. Try a standing desk. Standing desks can quickly and easily be installed on your desk – whether you’re in a cubicle or at home. Or if you’re not sure if you’d like it, try placing your laptop on a tall stack of books for starters.
  2. Set a timer. Use your phone to remind yourself to move around periodically – once every hour. Go up and down a flight of stairs, or walk around the block if your schedule allows.
  3. Stand up and practice some gentle stretching exercises. Place the palm of your hand between your shoulder blades, and with your opposite hand, gently pull on your elbow. Your shoulders and neck will thank you. Touch your fingertips to your toes – or your ankles if you can’t. You’ll feel it in the back of your thighs. Do a few squats or lunges. Raise your arms up and over your head and take in some deep breaths.
  4. Drink more water. It is recommended that you drink one ounce of water for every pound you weigh. So, if you weigh 160 lbs., you should drink 160 oz. of water, which is 20 8-ounce glasses. (If that sounds ambitious, try half that – 10!) Not only will you be getting up several times a day to refill your water glass, but you’ll likely be making more trips to the restroom, too!
  5. Try out a coworking space. If you’re a work-from-home employee, renting an office or coworking space could be a smart way to get your body moving. (You’ll have to drive there – or walk to public transportation – walk into the office, you get the idea.) Plus, when you go to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, you’ll encounter other like-minded professionals who are taking their work seriously by renting office space. You might make a new connection, find a new customer, or even forge a new partnership. And it’s one way to get out of your home and get away from your desk.

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