Embracing a Distributed Workforce Model with Sobon & Associates LLC

Distributed Workforce Model
In today's ever-evolving work environment, the concept of a traditional office is becoming outdated. We've all adapted to the new normal, where remote work and distributed teams are not just a trend, but a permanent shift in how we do business. Especially for those who entered the workforce during these transformative times, the idea of a 9-5 office routine might seem outdated.

That's where Sobon & Associates LLC comes into play! We understand that while remote work offers flexibility and freedom, there are moments when you need that personal interaction or a professional setting for meetings. This is where our services shine. We offer a variety of spaces like training rooms, boardrooms, and flexible office spaces that are just a click away from being yours. Whether it's for a face-to-face meeting, a collaborative project, or just a change of scenery, our spaces are designed to meet your distributed workforce needs.

With your team sprinkled all over the U.S. – or the world for that matter, staff members work remotely. Not side-by-side. It’s a virtual workplace, relying on apps like Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams to stay connected.

Why Does it Work?

The ability to work from home is a giant draw – which allows companies who employ this model to attract the best talent. Many employers require workers to report their actual location, due to taxes, cost of living adjustments and security of laptops and other company-paid equipment.

What are the Drawbacks?

Staff can feel disconnected working in a distributed model. Daily scrums can take the place of face-to-face meetings, but there’s still the lack of water-cooler banter. Chatting over a cup of coffee. Or leaning over the top of your cubicle to ask your neighbor if they saw last night’s episode of Squid Game: The Challenge. Many organizations host regular gatherings to foster bonding and team camaraderie, but not all can afford to fly staff in from all around the world. Research indicates that fully remote teams are having a harder time collaborating and coordinating efforts… hybrid models where remote work and in-office time are both part of the mix seem to be the most effective.

Leading a distributed team can also be tricky. How do you deliver compassionate feedback to a remote employee who chooses to stay off camera? How do you ensure that staff members are logging a minimum of 40 hours? No manager wants to keep watch to see when their reports’ dots on Outlook go from green (online) to yellow (away). And workers don’t want to feel like Big Brother is monitoring their every move. (Are they scrutinizing what time I send my first email? Are they logging my keystrokes on my laptop?)

The Future of the Distributed Workforce

Let’s face it – we’re never going back to a time and place when all workers are in their chairs from 9-5. We’ve gotten too accustomed to “the new normal” – and workers who are fresh out of college and joined the workforce during this time are not looking back. Distributed teams are here to stay, and the rise of virtual reality and AI could make the traditional office environment obsolete.

Distributed models can empower people to be even more productive, maximize work-life balance, and build bonds through chat and video calls. But when you do find you need face-to-face time, Sobon & Associates can help. Our training rooms, boardrooms and flexible office space can be booked with the click of a button. Explore our space, and reserve yours today.

So, why not explore what we have to offer? Reserve a space with us today and experience the best of both worlds – the flexibility of remote work and the professionalism of a traditional office, whenever you need it. Remember, the future of work is here, and it's distributed, flexible, and adaptive – just like our solutions at Sobon & Associates LLC.

Select from hourly, daily, or weekly plans to bring the team together. Our plans start at just $55 per month, with flexible office space and meeting room rental available at an additional cost. Call 203-271-1100 to reserve yours. Want your first month on us? Just give us a shout!