Even Work-Anywhere Businesses Need Roots

Virtual Office
We’ve all heard about digital nomads, right? They jet-set around the globe, posting photos of their laptops overlooking gorgeous pools, the hills of Santorini or bustling hotspots like Istanbul. Digital nomads are usually self-employed or freelancers, they’re not tied to a corporate time-zone or a manager looking over their shoulder.

Whether you’re working remotely because you can – or you want to – keep in mind that a business should still put down roots. A mailing address where vendors can send invoices. Or a professional phone number that isn’t tied to your cell phone. But that doesn’t have to mean renting expensive office space or P.O. boxes… a Virtual Office can support a work-anywhere business at a fraction of the cost.

What Do You Get with a Virtual Office?

A brick-and-mortar mailing address. Your business mail and packages will be securely stored, forwarded to you wherever you are or receive reminders to pick them up.

A better route to apply for lines of credit. Most lenders will require a commercial address, not a residential one. Plus, you can use a Virtual Office address to apply for an LLC!

More privacy. Keep your home and your family safe by publishing your business address on websites and other correspondence. That way, no unwanted visitors will be showing up at your door.  

A place when you land. When you do return from those far-off adventures, you have a professional place to work and hold meetings. With a Virtual Office, you can rent flexible office space for meetings, brainstorming, interviews and more. Rent hourly, daily, weekly… the choice is yours.

Local marketing presence. You can create a Virtual Office in different markets – markets where your competition is – to grow your business in new regions.

Sobon & Associates is Connecticut’s leading service for Virtual Offices. Our plans start at just $55 per month, with flexible office space and meeting room rental available at an additional cost. Call 203-271-1100 to reserve yours. Want your first month on us? Just give us a shout!