Flexible Hourly, Daily, Weekly Coworking Plans

For some people, working from home is convenient and cost-efficient. No commuting. The ability to grab a snack at any time. The autonomy to run an errand at lunch time. But for others, working from home may not be 100% conducive to getting work done. The laundry beckons, the kids get off the bus and cause a ruckus… What if an employee’s home environment isn’t conducive to getting work done?

The answer could just be coworking.

What is Co-working?

Co-working is the ability to rent office space – or even just a cubicle – without investing in costly overhead like a lease, heat/AC, electric, phone, janitorial services and more. You simply reserve a desk, an office or a conference room – based on your unique needs – with no long-term commitments.

Flexible Coworking in Cheshire

Sobon & Associates offers flexible, cost-efficient co-working plans – book for a day, a week or a month. Our professional office space offers furnished offices (or unfurnished) so you can truly create the environment you need to get the work done. Plus, you can connect with other like-minded professionals over a cup of coffee (it’s complimentary!) in a space that’s designed for productivity.

High-Quality Coworking Amenities

One feature that truly sets Sobon & Associates’ coworking space apart from others is our many amenities. When you rent coworking space with us, you’ll enjoy:

  • A professional office building with plenty of free parking
  • Convenient location – just off rt. 84 and 691
  • A staffed reception area
  • Kitchen and copy facilities
  • Reliable, hi-speed Internet
  • Your choice of a private office or simply a desk space where you can work and make phone calls
  • Ask us about an office phone number and professional call screening from a live receptionist!

Coworking starting from just $20 / hour Discounted if more hours are required.

Reserve your office or desk space from just $20/ hour and gain access to a professional, business-focused workspace where you can reclaim your productivity!