In a Funk? Tips from Connecticut’s Flexible Space Leader

January and even February started off with a bang, but now that we're digging into the first quarter, your resolutions may have worn off and you find yourself being less productive. Maybe you hit snooze one too many times in the morning and are losing an extra hour of productive time. Or maybe you sit down at your desk and are having a hard time firing up the laptop and firing off those synapses.

As a leader in flexible office space, we’re here to offer you five tips for boosting productivity, without breaking the bank.

  1. Do the hardest thing first. Do you hate booking travel? Is there one vendor you just have a hard time dealing with? Do that task first – before anything else. It will leave you feeling more accomplished when you cross it off your list and you’ll feel ready, willing and able to tackle the less daunting tasks.
  2. Change the channel. Do you listen to music while you work and catch yourself singing along? (Or worse, playing air drums on your desk?) Singing along means you’re multitasking… and that’s not always a good thing. Spotify has playlists designed for focus and concentration… from instrumental jazz to melodic house music. Change the channel and get more done.
  3. Change your scenery. If you’re one of the millions of workers who is now remote or hybrid, you may just need a change of scenery. A coworking space could help improve your productivity, by offering a professional environment, and an office with a door. Flexible office space can be booked on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rate. Try it out – you might even be able to expense it!
  4. Delegate. Sometimes productivity can be thwarted because we’re simply overwhelmed with work. Trying to do too much with too little. Some co-working locations offer call answering (live person), mail handling and administrative tasks such as secretarial support, photocopying and scanning. By delegating some of these smaller “to-dos” you’ll have more time for the bigger “must-get-done” items.
  5. Identify when you’re most productive. Everyone’s different. Some people are night owls, while others thrive at 5 (a.m. that is!) Identify when you’re most productive and arrange your schedule to take advantage of those peak times. Block your calendar, put your head down and finish that to-do list!

Sobon & Associates is proud to bring flexible office space to the Cheshire, Waterbury, Hamden Wallingford, Prospect and Central Connecticut area. Our coworking workplace offers front desk staff that can greet guests and be an extra set of hands. Plus, you’ll have an office with a door for all the privacy – and productivity – you need! Contact us for a free tour, or book your first hour today!