Reserve a Professional Mailing Address for Your Business at Sobon & Associates LLC

Professional Mailing Address
In today's digital age, it's easy to fall into the belief that everything can be done online. While it's true that a lot of business can be done virtually, there's still immense value in having a physical presence – for your business. Whether you're an attorney launching your own practice, an aspiring author or a budding consultancy firm, here are some solid reasons why having a professional mailing address can significantly benefit your business.

Hold up... we’re not suggesting that you rent office space just so you can have a physical address. Entering rigid, long-term leases and paying for overhead (like utilities) can be costly and inefficient for startups. We’re talking about a Virtual Office – a Google-verified physical address for your business. A place where your mail can go, and a place where your phone calls can go – lending your business safety and credibility while boosting your reputation.


If you’re running your small business out of your basement as a solopreneur, that might work. For a while. But if you start hiring contractors, getting shipments, and really getting your name / product out in the world, you need to protect yourself – and those who live with you. A disgruntled employee – or former employee – could show up at your door. A contractor who wants payment could do the same, harassing you and your family members at home. A professional address where your mail can be routed keeps you and your loved ones safe from unwanted surprises.


If you have a residential address and run your business from your cell phone, it signals to potential customers, partners, vendors, and new hires that you’re not fully established. You’re not serious about your business. With a Virtual Office, you’ll have a business address that can be printed on everything from letterhead to billboards. Plus, this address will be registered with Google, giving you an online presence and reassurance that you’re a real, tangible business that can be trusted. This is especially crucial for businesses that offer services or products where trust is paramount, such as financial advisors, or legal firms. Best of all, you can use a Virtual Office address to open a bank account or apply for an LLC.

Reputation Enhancement

In addition to your physical address, Sobon & Associates LLC Virtual Office packages come with receptionist services. A real, live person will answer calls with your business name and route them to a voicemailbox or your cell phone. This level of professionalism is a real reputation booster and can make all the difference for your next sale. And if you do need physical office space for a face-to-face meeting, interview, deposition, or brainstorm, you can add Flexible Office Space rental onto your Virtual Office package quickly and easily. Rent hourly, daily, weekly, or more!

With a virtual office, you aren’t locked into lengthy agreements, or expensive leases. You have the flexibility to work where you want, with the professionalism of having a brick-and-mortar address. Sobon & Associates LLC offers Virtual Office rentals to businesses in the Hartford area and Cheshire, Wolcott, and Waterbury community.  Call us at 203-271-1100 today to get one month free!