Shop Local: Put Your Business on the 203 Map

local phone number


Should you have a local phone number?

Is there clout in having a local area code? You bet. With a local area code and phone number, people know they’re supporting their community, supporting a local business and not getting routed to a call center in some far-off country. Now, more than ever, people are supporting small businesses – knowing it was the little guys were the hardest hit by COVID.

Why do consumers shop locally?

In a recent consumer sentiment study, 77% of consumers reported that they shop locally purely for the reason that they want to support local businesses. And how are they defining “local”? 60% said “a business in my city,” 22% said it was a business in my neighborhood, and 17% reported that “local” meant “a business that operates in my state.” That’s good news for those of you coveting a 203, 860 or even the new 475 and 959 area codes!

How can I get a local phone number if I don’t have an office?

You can get a local phone number through a Virtual Office. A local phone number can help small businesses:

  • Build a regional identity in a target area – allowing you to expand in new markets
  • Build a brand identity and encourage local marketing connections. Your local phone number can be used on advertisements, billboards, websites and business cards
  • Build brand loyalty with the powerful consumers who want to shop local!

Our Virtual Offices – with a local number and an easy-to-use voice mailbox – start at just $55/mo. and come with a host of other features, including a brick-and-mortar mailing address, which further cements your local presence in the Chester/Wolcott/Waterbury/Hartford area.