Co-working for Grownups!

Working from home is one person’s dream, and another person’s nightmare.

Some people feed off the energy of others… being able to grab a cup of coffee and bounce ideas around. And some people just want a door they can close and some time to focus without kids underfoot or the dog barking. The answer? Coworking. Flexible office space that’s there when you need it – and isn’t costing you a fortune when you don’t.

Here’s what we’ve heard:

“I need an office – but only for a day.”
You got it! Sobon & Associates offers hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rentals, so you never have to worry about racking up unnecessary charges.

“I’m so sick of going to Starbucks. Help!”
We hear you… there’s only so many caramel macchiatos you can ingest before you feel like you should be paying rent. Our flexible office space starts at just $20 – and we offer coffee, too.

“Is co-working safe in the age of Covid?”
All of our offices are professionally cleaned in between guests. You can close your door and have the entire space to yourself. Whether you wear a mask – or mingle with other co-working clients – is up to you.

“I need to make copies. Do you do that?”
Our administrative staff does a lot more than just make copies! We’ll sort your mail, arrange couriers, type up meeting notes – and can even help order lunch.

“I need a place where I can go work after my kids go to bed.”
Our “day desks” aren’t just open during the day... you’ll have access 24/7. So, call a sitter (or put another parent on duty) and come enjoy your space whatever time the mood strikes.

Want to learn more? Take our virtual office tour, or book your office now.