Central Connecticut’s Leading Meeting and Conference Space: Getting Back to Business After Covid

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic over a year ago, businesses in Central Connecticut and the surrounding areas started to quake in their boots. Even the big guys struggled, faced with supply-chain nightmares and manufacturing shutdowns – as Connecticut seemed to slowly grind to a halt.

The city streets were ghost towns. Route 84 was empty. Taxicabs and Uber drivers roamed the streets looking for fares, and found none. Restaurants were shuttered and more and more employees worked from home. Every business looked at ways to survive – to do more with less.

Offices are re-thinking the way their space is structured. The open-floor plan trend of the last few years may not be the best way to protect workers from the virus; many companies feel more comfortable reverting back to traditional offices and meeting rooms.

But now that businesses are opening back up – now what? Small businesses need flexible office space to hold meetings, larger companies need conference rooms to host larger conferences and entrepreneurs want executive suites to entertain interviews, closings and depositions. They’re asking themselves “Where can I have a meeting?”

And that’s where Sobon & Associates comes in – offering businesses of Cheshire, Prospect, Southington, Waterbury, Wolcott and the surrounding areas with office spaces, meeting/conference rooms, virtual offices – in a shared office environment - on an hourly, daily, monthly or annual basis. Co-Working is our middle name.

I need a meeting space tomorrow.
Sobon & Associates self-service website allows businesses of all sizes to book a Board Room, a Conference/Meeting Room or a Day Office with a simple point and click. You can view all rooms on a calendar and choose the flexible office space that best suits your needs.

Large corporations used to offer “hot desks” – a place where vendors, clients and guests can co work before or after an on-site meeting. Well, Sabon & Associates can offer a Day Office that comfortably seats three, so you can “squat” and collaborate before or after the big pitch.

The big pitch
You’ve been working on it for months. Maybe years. And finally, the day is approaching. But where can you host the meeting? Your kitchen table (and your slippers) were fine for the last year, but now it’s time to level up. Our professional meeting/conference rooms can seat six comfortably for a larger meeting, and our Board Room will host 10 guests.

State-of-the-Art Technology
The big day is no time for technology hiccups. We offer high-speed internet for Zoom meetings and other online platforms – or book an audio-visual aid for on-site tech-support to ensure your most important meetings go seamlessly.

Hey there, startups...
Want to look super polished for that IPO? Sobon & Associates also offers administrative services like answering the phone with your company name, welcoming and announcing your visitors, administrative support, kitchen facilities, photocopying and more. Plus, our executive suites are sure to make a first-class impression.

If you’re a startup, or if your company has decided to downsize – leaving you without an office space or conference room – we can help. Trust Central Connecticut’s leading meeting and conference space provider for executive suites and flexible office space – Sobon & Associates.