Top 5 Things You Need When Renting a Conference/Board/Meeting Room

When you’re looking to rent a meeting room for an off-site meeting, training or presentation, you might shop around for the ideal location. But do you really know what you’re shopping for? Here are the “must-haves” when it comes to executive suites and conference rooms for rent.

  1. Cleanliness. The last thing you need is to be dealing with sticky boardroom tables or odors from someone else’s lunch. Our conference rooms are cleaned between clients to the highest standards, including wiping down the arms of the chairs, spot cleaning the carpeting (as needed) and disinfecting remote controls, doorknobs and furniture for COVID safety. You’ll walk into a room that’s spotless, smelling fresh and ready for today’s agenda.
  2. Comfort. When people rent our meeting rooms, it can be an hourly rental for a deposition, or a day-long brainstorm sesh. Whether you’re here for a quick meeting or you need an all-day training room, you want to sit in comfort. Our leatherette chairs are ergonomically designed for comfort and can be adjusted for the height you need. Smooth casters let you roll away from the table for breakout sessions, or when it’s your turn to present to the room. In fact, the best thing about our comfortable chairs is that you don’t even notice them. And when your back and neck aren’t screaming at you – it’s a lot easier to get the work done.
  3. Technology. All of our conference rooms have fast, easy-to-connect with Wi-Fi, a speaker phone for conference calls, a large screen to help your presentation shine. If needed, audio/visual support staff can be brought in the day of your meeting to assist you with set up and connectivity.
  4. Décor. When your clients or partners are in the room, you want them to be focused on you. All of our décor is tasteful and understated, allowing the room’s functionality to truly be the focus. Large tables allow you to spread out – or order lunch and continue working. Ample lighting allows you to focus on getting the work done. Small plants are placed throughout our office space to make it even more welcoming.
  5. Support staff. Our support staff is what truly sets Sobon & Associates apart from other conference rooms for rent. As you’re getting ready for your presentation, you realize you need one more copy of the agenda. Just ask. You promised a client they’ll receive a sample of your product today? We can arrange a courier. You want the meeting notes typed up? No problem. Our administrative support staff is ready to lend you the helping hand you need to make your meeting a success.

Sobon & Associates is Central Connecticut’s leading service for office, meeting and conference space. For more than 30 years, businesses have trusted us for conference rooms for rent on an hourly or daily basis, brainstorms, training rooms and more. Call for an estimate today.