Quiet Please! 7 Reasons to Rent an Office Space

Peace and quiet is a wonderful thing! Here are seven reasons you might not have thought of to rent an office space – weekly, hourly or monthly!

  1. Loud talkers. Since Covid, a lot of offices have been shuttered and employees are required to work from home. But what if you have a 1BR apartment and nowhere to go? Or even worse, what if your partner is a loud talker, and they’re on the phone all day? There’s only so long you can wear headphones and hope to drown them out. We’re here for you… with round-the-clock access to your office.
  2. House/apartment for sale. When you put your house or apartment is on the market, you never know when there will be a showing. Sure, the Realtors say they’ll give you a heads up, but it could be “can we come by in a half an hour?” Open houses are usually on the weekends, too – and you need to be outta there for hours! By having a flexible office space that you can access 24/7 – you’ll always have a place where you can escape to, and get things done.
  3. The cleaning crew is here. Is there any greater luxury than having your home cleaned by someone else? A professional who knows how to get in all the nooks and crannies and leaves your home smelling wonderful? But you can’t be perched at your dining room table as they vacuum and dust around you… you’ve got to get out of their way. A daily office rental is just the solution.
  4. Renovations at home. If you think the sound of a vacuum cleaner is bad, how about a tile saw? Or hammering over your head? If you work from home and you’re planning on having some renovations done – a new roof, a new bathroom, installing hardwood floors – consider a weekly office rental. You’ll have peace and quiet and you won’t have to smell paint or polyurethane.
  5. Yard work at the neighbor’s. It seems like that neighbor is mowing his lawn every. single. day. Or blowing the leaves. Or having a new driveway installed. Or having a new roof put on. (Are they made of money or what?) When your next-door neighbor is making home improvements (again!) and it’s so loud you can’t think – remember, you have a solution. Our flexible office space can be rented hourly, weekly or monthly.
  6. Renovations at your business office. Many offices are undergoing some renovations to allow for physical distancing. New cube walls and partitions are being erected, and plexiglass dividers are put in place. How are you supposed to get any work done with all that racket? An off-site meeting – or a weekly rental – can give you the quiet to get your “to-do” list DONE!
  7. Need to get away from the kids. Gosh, we love those little buggers, but sometimes it’s hard to get work accomplished when they’re underfoot. Call Grandma or a sitter and book yourself an office at Sobon & Associates. You’ll find your productivity is boosted, and you’ll be even happier to see your little ones when you get home.

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