Virtual Meetings? We’re Over It.

Since the pandemic started, more and more companies have resorted to virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams. Those tools have been invaluable for keeping co-workers, clients and colleagues connected – as well as grandparents, ex-pats, friends and families – anyone who can’t gather together in person.

But we’re over it. Zoom fatigue is a real thing. We’re tired of scheduling a call when something would have been yelled over a cubicle wall. We’re bored with fancy backgrounds, hats and yes, even virtual masks. We long for breakout rooms, brainstorm sessions, face-to-face collaboration.

There’s nothing like in-person meetings
“Mark, you’re on mute.” “Hang on, let me share my screen.” “I will start the meeting by letting you know this meeting will be recorded.” “Mommy’s in a meeting! I’ll be there in a few minutes!” Zoom fails and interruptions are sometimes comical – and sometimes annoying. They can break up a conversation, ruin a thought that’s in progress… they can even cost you time and money. If you’re looking for a place to hold your next team meeting – with enough space to maintain social distancing – an executive conference room might be just the thing.

Get your team together
Some companies closed their offices altogether… employees will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. But you may want to recreate that “spark” – reconnect with your team. An off-site meeting is a great way to bring together remote employees – whether they work in different offices, different cities or from home.

Big wig? Go big or go home
For a big client meeting, or a new business pitch – that’s the kind of thing you definitely don’t want to do virtually. “Sorry, my internet connection was unstable. Am I still frozen?” A conference room or a flexible office is the ideal setting for an investor meeting, team meeting, briefing – or for the legal professionals out there – statements and depositions. Book for a few hours, a single day or a whole week.

A real live person to greet your guests
There’s nothing that screams “unprofessional” like an unattended front desk. Our professional reception staff will greet your guests and help get them to your office, conference room or training room. (Way to make a first impression!) And if you need support during your team meeting… a projector for your PowerPoint, help ordering lunch and having it delivered – we can take care of that, too.

Point. Click. Meet
So easy – book right from your remote office. Search and book a conference room online – as little as 1 day ahead. We offer hourly rates, day rates and weekly rates. Book online today!